An important factor affecting the quality of a learner’s learning experience is the quality of teaching and learning within a school. Thus the professional development of staff needs to be transformational in nature enabling the development of the thinking and practice of teachers  continually.

A wide variety of continuous professional development courses are offered each term for teachers and administrative staff from pre- school through to high school.

While these are typically run as per calendar at the College, invitations for customised school workshops are most welcome.

The College is a licensed Cambridge Professional Development Centre. This means we are licensed to offer  Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications, certified by Cambridge. The Programmes are generally 4 to 5 months in duration. The mode of delivery is blended  – workshops offered in -person and on our moodle platform.

The following are professional development qualifications offered by Cambridge run at the College:

  • International Certificate in Teaching and Learning
  • International Diploma in Teaching and Learning
  • International Certificate in Teaching with Digital Technologies
  • International Certificate in Educational Leadership

In line with the ethos of the Gateway Schools, the College offers a foundational course in Christian Education for all those wanting to understand what it means to teach from a Biblical perspective. The course is made up of modules that are rolled out throughout the year – online and in person.

The modules:

The Effective Christian Teacher

  • Teaching christianly
  • Theology of Christian Education
  • Philosophy of Christian Education
  • A practical component