With a foundation in Christian Education, the course is designed to develop a primary school teacher with the knowledge, skills and attitude required in teaching at the primary school level, Grade 1 – 7. Through instructing and teaching, the course seeks, amongst other things, to help the student teacher to: study theoretical and practical aspects of teaching through modules and a blended learning approach; understand the Bible’s principles for teaching and learning learn to apply Biblical principles to what you teach and how you teach it; be digitally competent;

Teaching God’s way is a way of teaching that integrates faith into all subjects across the curriculum. For over 25 years GCTC has been committed to educate and equip teachers to teach from a Christ-centered perspective rooted in the Bible. These strong foundations have in turn formed the basis of the teacher helping the learners in his or her classroom to know God and to explore the meaning and purpose of God’s will in their lives – all leading to a transformed community. We have nurtured highly sought-after graduates whose code of conduct has been shaped by biblical principles and values. Graduates who have been exposed to the understanding that teaching is more than just about successfully imparting knowledge but touches the heart and motivates transformative action.

GCTC offers two programmes geared toward primary-level school teachers – A diploma in Education (Early Childhood Development) and Diploma in Education (Primary). Relevant and current content is taught in a modular format using a blended approach (in-person and online learning platforms). Each of the diplomas is accredited by the University of Zimbabwe.

Even though our programmes are taught from a biblical perspective, students of any faith can apply to join the different courses.

We invite you, through instructing and teaching, to:

  • understand the Bible’s principles for teaching and learning
  • study theoretical and practical aspects of teaching through modules and a blended learning approach;
  • learn to apply Biblical principles to what you teach and how you teach it;
  • be digitally competent;
  • deepen your understanding of God’s Word;
  • be challenged to be more faithful to the Godly calling to teach


Theory of Education:

Professional Studies Syllabus ‘A’

The course aims to develop a primary school teacher with a reflective understanding of educational theory and practice for effective application in primary school, and who is further empowered with Christian knowledge, skills, attitudes and values for environmentally sustainable behaviour. It provides a foundation of educational theory and practice in the disciplines of Educational Psychology, Sociology of Education, Philosophy and Curriculum theory, focusing on taking a proactive role on environmental issues. 

The course focuses on broadening and equipping the student teachers with theoretical background and skills, based on Christian values, environmental education and gender pedagogy, necessary for them to teach specific subject areas of primary school. Amongst other things, it seeks to develop the student teachers’ abilities to effectively teach using a variety of participatory methods, strategies and techniques.

Professional Studies Syllabus ‘B’

Professional Studies Syllabus ‘C’

This course seeks to equip student teachers with principles, concepts, methods and techniques of teaching subject areas found on the primary school syllabus e.g. Agriculture, Mathematics, English, Art.

The course equips students with necessary introductory background to research methods to enable them to conduct qualitative and quantitative research projects in Education.  The course also introduces student teachers to appropriate handling, analysis and interpretation of educational data.

Professional Studies Syllabus ‘D’

Information Communication Technology

Covered in this syllabus are health and life skills, national strategic studies and information communication and technology.

This course guides student teachers to critically and creatively apply concepts and  principles associated with the infusion of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in solving ECD educational problems and meeting challenges in their roles as practising teachers.it also assists the student teacher to use hardware and software accordingly. The course also covers the basic skills in computer education.

Health and Life Skills

National Strategic Studies

The course aims to develop within the student  teacher knowledge and life skills that will result in the student teacher making responsible and informed choices that promote healthy living, entrepreneurship and gender sensitivity. Additionally, the course inculcates in student teachers an awareness of current challenges and unpleasant social environments and equips them with vital counseling skills in terms of their roles as practicing counselors.

The course aims to produce patriotic student teachers with informed, appreciative and responsible attitudes towards the history, social and cultural settings of Zimbabwe. It encourages good governance and the need to participate in the development of Zimbabwe.

Main Study

Teaching Practice

To provide opportunity  for personal development, each student teacher shall be required to select a subject from the school curriculum for in-depth study. The subject shall be studied over the three years of the diploma. Example of selection of subjects: English, Mathematics, Heritage Social Studies, Home Economics, Agriculture, Music

The course inculcates in student teachers knowledge, skills and competence necessary to execute their duties in schools. Under the guidance of a College Supervisor and a school mentor, the student teachers develop skills concepts and attitudes that promote effective teaching.

Foundations in Christian Education

The course aims to equip teachers in their understanding and practice of some of the fundamental areas involved in effective Christian teaching so that they are able to fulfil their calling as a teacher. It is covered in the following modules:

  • The Effective Christian Teacher
  • Teaching from a Christian Perspective
  • Theology of Christian Education
  • Philosophy of Christian Education

Entry requirments

  • 5 O level passes with a Grade C or better, inclusive of English Language, Mathematics, and a Science subject.
  • Duration of the programme: 3 years.
  • Next intake: January 2023
  • How to apply:
  • Complete the online application form and submit proof of payment of your application fee as directed on the application form.
To register follow the link below: 

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