With a foundation in Christian Education, the aim of the course is to assist student teachers acquire psychological, sociological and philosophical knowledge and skills to support young children’s growth, development and learning. The course seeks to help student teachers:

  • gain knowledge on the development of children aged 0-8 in terms of developmental milestones and needs;
  • understand the Bible’s principles for teaching and learning;
  • learn to apply Biblical principles to what you teach and how you teach it;
  • be digitally competent.


Course duration:

The course duration is 3 years, following  the course of school terms.


Mode of delivery:




ii)Blended learning( online and in-person on campus)



The Diploma in Education (Early Childhood Development) is accredited by the University of Zimbabwe and recognised by the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development.

Course Content

The Foundations of Early Childhood Development

Introductions to Principles of Practice and Teaching

This course introduces student teachers to aspects of psychological, sociological and philosophical theories pertaining to Early Childhood Development.  Implications and applicability of these theories to teaching and learning in early childhood settings are examined. It further inculcates in students an understanding of Inclusive Education in ECD with special emphasis on categories of learners with special educational needs and their curriculum needs, inclusive education and legislation.

The course inculcates in student teachers knowledge, skills and competence necessary to execute their duties in schools. This course provides a platform for observation, practice, feedback, discussion, and reflection that will help the student teacher become a good and effective teacher.

Creative Expressions

Social Sciences

This course focuses on organization and arrangement of safe indoor and outdoor learning environments that provide sensory stimulation so as to challenge the ECD learner to explore and be creative in areas such as Language Arts. The dynamic nature of critical issues that may impact on ECD learners from time to time in relation to the subject will be examined

The course is intended to prepare the student teacher with a variety of skills, concepts, understanding and attitudes which will make them more effective in their role as a Social Studies teacher. It will give the learner a deeper understanding and appreciation of the topics to be covered, providing them with activities the learner can use to nurture social development. The course explores Christianity and other selected major world religions and their interaction with each other such that the student teacher appreciates the role of religion and morality in human society worldwide.  e examined.

Mathematics and Sciences in ECD

Main Study

The course seeks to expose student teachers to the appropriate content and techniques for teaching Mathematics and Sciences to ECD learners. Special emphasis is on the role of the environment as a laboratory for teaching and learning. It further develops in student teachers an awareness of the importance and management of nutrition, health and safety among learners in ECD environments.

To provide opportunity  for personal development, each student teacher shall be required to select a subject from the school curriculum for in-depth study. The subject shall be studied over the three years of the diploma. Example of selection of subjects: English, Mathematics, Heritage Social Studies, Home Economics, Agriculture, Music

Teaching Practice

National Strategic Studies

The course intends to develop in student teachers an understanding of the complex nature of children’s environments and the impact those environments have on child development. The course provides student teachers with practical and valuable experience with children in their settings.

The course aims to produce patriotic student teachers with informed, appreciative and responsible attitudes towards the history, social and cultural settings of Zimbabwe. It encourages good governance and the need to participate in the development of Zimbabwe.

Foundations in Christian Education

The course aims to equip teachers in their understanding and practice of some of the fundamental areas involved in effective Christian teaching so that they are able to fulfil their calling as a teacher. It is covered in the following modules:

-The Effective Christian Teacher

– Teaching from a Christian Perspective

– Theology of Christian Education

– Philosophy of Christian Education

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