The Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching with Digital Technologies is for
teachers who want to:

  •  engage with the principles and concepts of using digital technologies to
    improve their effectiveness as teachers and their students’ learning
  • gain the knowledge, skills and understanding of how digital technologies can
    support an inclusive approach to teaching and learning
  • use opportunities to try something new in their classroom practice
  •  engage with colleagues to improve professional knowledge and practice
  • develop a reflective approach to the development of their professional practice
  •  progress their teaching career.
  • Course requirements:Teacher: candidate must be employed either full time or if part time for a minimum of 24 weeks. ECD -University level. Class size must be minimum of 6 learners. Minimum hours teaching if part time must be 6 hours a week.
  • Next intake: Enrolment starts 3 rd January 2023, course starts 11 th March 2023
    Course duration: Approximately 18 – 20 weeks Mode of delivery: in-person/zoom/moodle
    *GCTC willing to come to your school to roll out programme. Course structure: 3 units
    (approx. 5 – 7 weeks in duration each)
  • Time dedicated to course: – approximately one to two hours’ a week worth of reading,
    contributions to discussion forums. – in-person workshop times can range approximately
    between 3 – 4 hours. – Approximately 2 in-person workshops have been scheduled per unit.
    *where in-person cannot happen alternative methods will be sought e.g. an hour long zoom
    meeting, with rest of material distributed via moodle.
  • Mentor: each candidate must have a mentor. Mentor can be shared with other candidates.
    Mentor is there to support, guide and observe candidate teaching. Mentor will need to set
    aside time to meet the candidate once a week or every 2 weeks. Mentor will be required to
    complete observation forms. GCTC will provide support and guidance for mentors.