Gateway Christian Training College (GCTC), a registered training institution of the Gateway Schools Trust. The College is mandated with the task of equipping and developing educators and sports coaches with professional skills enshrined in Bible-based values thus making them effective in their chosen profession. 


The 3 year diploma is offered in association with the University of Zimbabwe and is registered with the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development.


These courses provide current theoretical and practical education as well as training guidelines for sport educators both in sporting disciplines as well as other sports related topics such as Sports Nutrition. On offer are courses for most disciplines. Training is conducted by qualified personnel from Gateway and the relevant sports bodies such as the Hockey Association of Zimbabwe (HAZ) and the Zimbabwe Rugby Union (ZRU). Certificates are awarded upon successful completion.


The College is a licensed Cambridge Professional Development Centre. This means we are licensed to offer Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications, certified by Cambridge. The Programmes are generally 4 to 5 months in duration. The mode of delivery is blended - workshops offered in -person and on our moodle platform. The following are professional development qualifications offered by Cambridge run at the College: i) International Certificate in Teaching and Learning ii) International Diploma in Teaching and Learning iii) International Certificate in Teaching with Digital Technologies iv) International Certificate in Educational Leadership


The programme is registered with the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education. It is a two year diploma offered in association with the National University of Science and Technology (NUST). It runs on a block release model with lectures being conducted over two weeks every school holiday at the College premises and online on Moodle.


An important factor affecting the quality of a learner’s learning experience is the quality of teaching and learning within a school. Thus the professional development of staff needs to be transformational in nature enabling the development of the thinking and practice of teachers continually. A wide variety of continuous professional development courses are offered each term for teachers and administrative staff from pre- school through to high school. While these are typically run as per calendar at the College, invitations for customised school workshops are most welcome. The College is a licensed Cambridge Professional Development Centre.


As an introduction to Christian Education, the course intends to equip, develop and empower Christian teachers to play their role in transforming the lives of the pupils under their care through instilling behavioural changes and moral values that are based on Biblical principles. The course is run over a year with 6 modules offered periodically.


Gateway College has been and continues to be the brightest light in my life, showing me the potential I possess and my flaws clearly. I'm grateful to be learning in a Christian environment that leaves me with a different perspective of life.
Kennedy N
Former Student
A great institution in that students are guided all the way in what they want to achieve as students and subsequently as teachers. A truly good and spiritual experience when you are at Gateway Christian Training College.
Sudden M.
Former Students
GCTC for me has been a journey of growth. I've learnt things about myself that I did not know……I've realised that I am more capable than I ever believed myself to be. I've been stretched and encouraged, I've learnt life lessons that I will take with me even after my time at college through different lectures, lecturers and my peers.
Thandie T.
Former Student

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